Ivanna Melay was born in Transcarpathia in a small town Khust (West side of Ukraine) in April 16, 1987. She started singing when she was just 5 years old.

Ivanna has participated in a lot of Ukrainian song contests, she is the winner of contest «Bravo» (Uzhgorod, 1995), «Believe in Yourself» (Odessa, 1997), winner of the «Autumn Rendezvous» (2001), «Step to the Star» where she was also nominated and became a winner of «The Best Scene Image» (Kiev, 2004). Ivanna took a part in the charity concerts organized by the First Lady of Ukraine Mrs. Ludmila Kuchma (2001). Then she did her personal charity concerts in Transcarpathian region for incapable children.

Ivanna started to compose and to write lyrics in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages when she was 11. When she was 12 she did her first concert with her own songs.

In 15 years old Ivanna did a concert tour in Finland («Days of Ukrainian Culture»).

She is the author of the Hymn for local radio «Transkarpathia FM», this Hymn was very popular in this region within her other songs. Radio «Transkarpathia FM» organized a regional tour for Ivanna which was very successful.

Ivanna produced her first Music album when she was 16 year old. She had a great solo concert and presentation of that album in the main city of Transcarpathian region – Uzhgorod, and the concert was at the main square – Freedom square (with the audience of 25,000 people).

When she was 17 years old, she moved to Kiev and became a student of Culture and Arts University. During the first month Ivanna participate in song contest «Stars Chance» and became a winner. She was the finalist of selection tour of «Eurovision Song Contest» in Ukraine (2005). She became the «first vice Miss» of the Song contest «Miss Music Ukraine» (live on M1 channel).

After that Ivanna went to Montenegro on the song contest «Suncan Skale» and she became prize-winner (2005). Her song «All I Want» became the summer hit of the «Max Radio» in Belgrade, Serbia.

In 18 years old Ivanna signed the contract with «Kazirnaya Karta» company (they have high class restaurants in Ukraine), and this company became Ivanna’s sponsor (2006). After 6 month Ivanna was on the cover of the local magazine «Penthouse» which is franchise of the worldwide popular magazine (2007).

In Autumn, 2006 Ivanna became a TV host on the best Ukrainian music channel «M1″, her TV show was about celebrity people, glamour events, contest, movies and music festivals, fashion shows and etc. «Kozirniy People» was one of the most popular TV show in Ukraine! She worked there from 2006 till 2010.

In 2007 Ivanna Melay has got three titles at the 8-th International Festival of Female Beauty «Lady Ukraine». She became «Lady Musicality», «Lady Amour” and «Yuvelirservice Pearl».

In 2008 Ivanna opened fashion show of popular Ukrainian designer Diana Dorozhkina in the Russian Fashion week (live on World Fashion TV Channel). Ivanna performed there with her song «All I Want».

Later, she was a guest of the most popular festival of LIVE music, in Ukraine – «Tavriyskie Igri». At the same time she opened the car racing «Autorally-2008″ in Crimean city with her performance. In autumn Ivanna was a host of «Miss Kiev» with the best host of Ukraine – Yuriy Gorbunov (live on tv channel in Ukraine).

During the President elections in Ukraine, 2009, Department of MR.Viktor Yanukovich choose showbiz stars for his Election PR campaign, and Ivanna was one of chosen stars; she had the concert tour in many cities.

«Maxim magazine» put Ivanna Melay’s name in “Top 100″ of the most beautiful and sexy women of Russia and Ukraine.

Then Ivanna composed Hymn for «Ukrainian Fashion Week» and became the integral part of the Ukrainian fashion. She had shootings in dresses of the best Ukrainian couture designer Sergey Ermakov for different magazines and advertisement. She has a lot of presents from the designers for her concert’s wardrobe.

Ivanna produced the second album in 2010 (the name of album – «Viva La Vita»).

In summer, 2010 Ivanna won in the category «The Most Stylish Singer of the Year» in Crystal Microphone Award.

From 2006 till 2011 she made 7 video clips, and all of them won in hit- parades on different music channels in Ukraine.

Then she started to think that she wants something more. She did concerts in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Slovakia,Montenegro,Finland, but still it wasn’t enough for her.

Then she received an invitation to be a host and to sing in Christmas concert in Georgia, 2011 (Caucasus). It was her first time in Georgia. It was one of the best concerts!

The Producers of FIRST CAUCASUS Channel «PIK» asked Ivanna to be a face of the channel and to produce her own show «With Ivanna Melay». She invented the idea of the show, and its aim was to find out five reasons why people need to go to Georgia and other countries.

Her TV-show was during 3 seasons on air. But between shootings Ivanna started recording a new album as well, and she has released a new video.

After few weeks on the radio one of her new songs became a huge hit in Georgia. Then she presented it on one of the best TV-show in Tbilisi (Georgia) – «Profile». After few weeks that song had won Award «Best song, 2011″ (January, 2012). The video of the song «Mum, I love a Georgian» used to have and still has a big success in Georgia.

Ivanna Melay’s Grant was based in Georgia in June, 2012. This grant was intended for the cleverest and talented children.

Ivanna became the Honourable Citizen of Georgia in March 13-th, 2013, for a big contribution into the Georgian culture.

Ivanna participating in all the best TV-shows in Georgia as a singer. She has a lot of shootings and interview for different magazines, newspapers etc. . .