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Herstory on Dominating the MTV Video Release Party

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The music scene is no stranger to talented individuals and rising stars making headlines with their outstanding performances and groundbreaking debuts. However, the industry’s familiarity with fame and triumph does not stop it from celebrating artists’ smash hits and successful releases. As a matter of fact, up-and-coming girl group Herstory has been creating a significant buzz in the music community for dominating the MTV Video release party. 

In an industry saturated with established names and prominent figures, it is imperative for aspiring artists and hopeful musicians to leave a legacy worth remembering. Such is the case with Herstory, a trio of girls coming from entirely different backgrounds and joining together to share their individual stories as one. With their unwavering commitment to their craft, these three highly empowered women are more than ready to revolutionize the music scene in the most exciting way possible. 

Since dipping their toes into the music world as an exceptional girl group, Herstory has been seen around the country at various shows and festivals. They are also working on different projects and will be releasing new music soon. The trio is composed of Dhniera Blu, Arielle K, and Mandy A and was formed by award-winning singer and songwriter, TeamJohnHill. Because of the girls’ potential, the latter took them by hand from world-famous producers and mentors to create a euphoric sound, intensive stage performance,  and nostalgic projects.

Immensely fueled by the desire to make their marks on the industry, Herstory has been unstoppable at gaining nods and attracting more fans along the way. Because of their authentic flair and creative vision, this passion-filled trio has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Quite the contrary, the girls announced that their explosive performance at their MTV Video release party is only the beginning. 

During the said MTV Video release party, Herstory has shown everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. With outfits that sparked nostalgic vibes of Madonna and the new age, the girl group gave a resounding performance and produced music that was catchy and fun. On top of that, the event was hosted by no other than the Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, TeamJohnHill, who was extremely charismatic and engaging. Indeed, the party was nothing short of entertaining and lively. 

Moreover, Herstory’s MTV Video release party was also graced with celebrity guest appearances like multi-Grammy winner Really Doe of Kanye West’s GOOD Music record label, Tonya Kelly of the platinum award-winning singing group Jade, David Mays of The Source magazine, Benzino, and other amazing, talented individuals from across the globe. In addition, hip-hop violinist H.Dean.Mozart, chart-topping singers Ivanna Melay and Inessa, and rookie artist DeeJay also attended the event. 

Aside from Herstory’s revolutionary performance at their MTV Video release party, other stars also took center stage. Sure enough, a house-shaking performance by Devo Luciano and a little Southern swag from 3/1 Lucci made the event even more memorable. 

In the coming years, Herstory wishes to continue dominating the music scene with its smooth rhythm, incredible looks, bubbly personalities and catchy music. Indeed, this girl group knows how to tug at the heartstrings of their fans and listeners. 

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